What would you say to Hillary Clinton?

Some of you were way harsh

As the dreary weather of the weekend dampened morale of UNC students, their opinions about Hillary Clinton were as strong as ever. With the 2016 presidential election approaching, thoughts on the female democratic candidate have been both humorous and inspirational.

We asked students if they could say one thing to Hillary Clinton, what would it be?

Jack, freshman, Global Studies

“Get off Snapchat.”

JP, sophomore, Business and Psychology

“How’s Bill doing?”

Luke, sophomore, PWAD and Economics

“Get over the email crisis.”

Alec, sophomore, Business

“We get it, you’re running for president.”

Nicholas, sophomore, Exercise Science

“Stop trying to be young.”

Annie, freshman, Political Science

“It would be kind of chill to have a women prez.”

Hunter, sophomore, Sports Administration

“Don’t screw up.”

Alaowei, sophomore, Biology and Allie Gaines, sophomore, Business


Peter, junior, Business

“I would not have sex with that woman.”

Adam, junior, Biology

“Feel the Bern.”

Witt, sophomore, Pre-Business

“I don’t want to have a First Man in office, and I especially do not want another Clinton in office.”

Joe, sophomore, Pre-Business and Political Science

“I’m not going to vote for you, sorry.”

Jimbo, sophomore, Pre-Business

“Liar…you’re done.”

Ben, sophomore, Pre-Business

“What do you actually think your chances are of winning the election…?”

Jack, sophomore, Political Science

“If you get elected, I’m moving out of this country.”

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