The best places to cry on campus

Finals really seem to bring on the tears

It is officially exam season at UNC, and that means crying is a common Tar Heel past-time nowadays. With all the exams and papers, it’s pretty easy to crack under pressure and find yourself internally yelling “here come the waterworks.”

But don’t you worry. The Tab scoured campus for the best places to cry so you know where to go when you get that Econ grade back.

Last stall in the first floor women’s bathroom in Dey Hall

If you can’t fight back the tears because you’ve realized your lack of worldliness, or if the foreign language struggle has got you beat, head straight to the last stall of the girl’s bathroom. The turquoise walls add a certain je ne sais quoi that make you forget your day has come to, well, this.

Chin up babe. If Moaning Myrtle can make lavatory self-loathing look cool, then so can you. The poetic graffiti gracing these stall walls will certainly brighten your day.

“Vamos lentos porque vamos lejos” translates to “We go slowly because we go far.” Such a sweet reminder to give ourselves time to learn new things. I dig.

Another anonymous vandal quotes a lyric from “Obsesion” by Pedro Flores.

“Por alto este el cielo en el mundo por hondo que sea el mar profundo,” translates to, “For high is the sky in the world. For deep is the ocean profound.” A tear jerking quote for sure, but hopefully this is more of a happy cry kind of thing.

Exit the stall and notice a flyer on the wall by the sinks reading: “You’re smokin’ hot. Does your water need to be?” I’m smokin’ hot? Take in the compliment and thank Dey for that confidence boost. Even if it did come from a public service announcement.

Big shout out to our poetic delinquents. Dey Hall takes the top spot for best places to cry.

The meditation room in the underground of the Student Union

The meditation room exudes relaxation, a stark contrast to the rest of the underground.

If you grow weary from the clattering of keyboards as students slave away on their papers, or if you can’t bear the sight of another student doubled over in pain while dizzily reading their Calc textbook, take a moment to find your zen.

Just past the printers along the back wall is an entryway leading to the mediation room. Complete with floor pillows and the faint scent of aromatic oils, the meditation room is a comfortable chill zone where you can let your tears flow.

The whole room is dimmed and the only lighting comes from an artistic display on the back wall. Privacy is the best part of this sad-person safe spot. Take all the time you need to compose yourself, realign your chakras and find spiritual guidance.

We promise, you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

Second floor balcony of Student Stores

If you’re having a case of the blues, turn it into a case of the Carolina blues. Stroll through the student store and browse through as much Tar Heel apparel as it takes to turn that frown upside down.

Last I checked, retail therapy is a perfectly healthy way to lift your spirit. That is, unless you lose control, drown your bank account and turn a few tears into a full blown meltdown.

Okay, never mind. Let’s steer clear of that register until we are feeling more emotionally stable.

You should, however, take full advantage of the balcony along the back wall of windows on the second floor. It’s lined with rocking chair-bench hybrids and overlooks the Bell Tower, so take a load off and enjoy the view.

You can’t be upset for too long, as I promise this location – chocked full of Tar Heel pride – will have you singing ‘Ra ‘Ra Carolina in no time. Yes, you belong at Carolina. Yes, you can handle the challenging classes here. You got this.

Wilson Library second floor alcove in front of Telecommunications closet

Having a rough day? Take your woes to Wilson. Treat yourself to a little grandeur and enter the somewhat intimidating fortress of this fancy library with all the confidence in the world.

Remember, Wilson Library is for serious academia. Say to yourself: “I am an intellectual badass.”

Even on your down days, you deserve to cry like royalty. They even have a sculpture of a distressed man. Same, buddy. Same.

Enter the chandelier-lit lobby and climb the carefully constructed, castle-like stairwell on the left. Choke down your sobs just a little longer as you pass the portraits of past chancellors and fight a case of the heebie jeebies – did those eyes just follow me across the room?

You’re almost there Your Highness. At the top of the stairwell on the right, there is an alcove under an archway. You’ll see the elevators and, further on, a private corner in front of the Telecommunications closet.

And, release. Bring on the waterworks.

Most of the rooms on this side of the building are staff access only, so there will be limited traffic flow. The only watching eyes will be of the painting of Frank Porter Graham. Don’t worry though, he’s a real G. He won’t judge.

Davis Library second floor east stairwell dark corner of despair

Don’t ever let Davis be the death of you. We all break down sometimes. If you are looking for a place to get in touch with your dark side, we found an eerie hideaway for you.

Something tells me the walls of Davis have seen it all, but not many will see you here. Climb to the second floor and go to the back green wall labeled “Odum Institute.” Continue down the hallway until you see the sign for the stairs and open the door.

Here you’ll find an outdoor nook between the door to the stairwell and the door back inside the hallway. An ominous looking wall lamp provides some shadowy light. Lean against the brick building and have yourself a good cry.

To be honest, this place wreaks of desolation and despair. It’s a good place to read your favorite Poe poem or wallow in self-pity. But don’t stay too long or risk permanent dread.

Seriously, it’ll get better champ.

But if it doesn’t, check out the CAPS resources at Campus Health. Turn that frown upside-down.

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