How much is it really costing you to skip a class at UMiami?

That’s a lot of Ubers to South Beach

As we all know, college is not a cheap venture, and University of Miami is definitely not an exception. And as we also know… it can be difficult to make it to class sometimes. We’re here to tell you just how much it costs to sleep through that 8am (or 4pm) lecture.

UMiami’s tuition is a hefty $44,350 and the total cost of attendance is upwards of $62,000 per year. For the sake of calculations, I’ll assume that the average person reading this lives on campus and pays $12,684 for housing and a meal plan.  That, combined with tuition, is $57,034. We have approximately fifteen weeks of classes per semester, which brings us to $1,901/week.

The average student takes 5 courses per semester, or 10 per year. This means that each course costs $5,703.39. If it’s a 50 minute class, then it meets ~45 times a semester and costs $126.7/class. If it’s a 75 minute class, it meets ~30 times a semester and costs $190.1/class.

That could be a $190.1 nap. To put things in college student perspective…

That’s 31.7 pints at The Rat

42.7 tall lattes from Starbucks, or 90.5 grande brewed coffees, depending on how you roll…

8.5 UberX rides to South Beach

29.2 chicken burritos from Chipotle. Or 105.6 extra scoops of Guacamole

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If you don’t currently feel guilty for every class you’ve ever skipped, please teach us your ways. Get your money’s worth, people.

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