Places hiring at UMiami, because who has money at this point in semester

Work at The Rat, spend at The Rat

As we finish up one semester and head into another, many students will be looking for on-campus jobs to offset the cost of textbooks and Miami life.

As a non work-study student who has worked two jobs on campus, I can vouch for the easiness of getting hired. You just have to know where to look.

The Rat

The Rathskeller hires dozens of students at the beginning of each semester since such a large number of employees is necessary to keep it running. If you have serving experience, you can get a job as a waiter/waitress and work for tips.

Otherwise, unless you luck out with a serving job anyway, the kitchen and bar are usually hiring. The kitchen is a sweaty but a fun atmosphere, and the bar is full of pouring beer and cleaning tables. The people are awesome, and at the end of the semester you get tips based on how many hours you worked!

Apply at the beginning of next semester in person.


The Office of Financial Assistance is currently hiring, according to the flyers outside their office on the second floor of the UC. Stop by and ask for an application!


If you’re a night owl, I highly recommend applying to be a security assistant. The pay is amazing – $11.50/hour plus overtime during training weeks. You’re expected to work 14 hours per week between 10PM-8AM and be available for a week before the semester starts for paid training.

Computer lab assistant

You know those people who swipe your Cane Card in the computer labs? They’re not all on work-study. It’s a laid-back job where you can get work done (I write as I sit behind the desk in Mahoney) and you don’t need to be a computer science major. This job is a bit more lonely, though, so don’t expect a social experience,

The UC Pool & Wellness Center

These places are much more difficult to get hired at, because everyone seems to want these jobs. If you have lifeguarding experience, though, you might have a better shot. Request an application in person.

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