The Rat is the only place to watch this mess of an election

They’re hosting a watch party

If you’re exhausted of the election like everyone else, you’ll need to watch tomorrow’s presidential election decision with a cold beer (or two…or a pitcher) in hand.

The most anticipated day of the year has finally arrived, and tomorrow evening the world will know which one of the two infamous candidates will take the oval office. It’s been a long eight months of campaigning in what has been known to be the most controversial election in history, and we’re finally getting our sleep back.

If you’re a UMiami student, there’s only one place where you should be when this event goes down…at the Rat. Tomorrow from 4pm-12am make your way to the Rathskeller for a viewing party that will definitely be better than anything else you had planned.

The event is being organized by UMGOTV, an on-campus student organization that has been holding a number events on campus throughout the duration of this campaign.

No matter what the results are, one thing is certain…life will go on, so bottoms up, and be ready to go back to work in the morning. Cheers.

University of Miami