Your schedule for the next 24 hours: UMiami does homecoming like no other

We’re bleeding orange and green

For the past week, homecoming festivities have been building up to this weekend. The King & Queen pageant, Alma Mater competitions, Iron Arrow inductions, and volunteer day (Hurricanes Help the Hometown) were largely successful. Last night, Marshmello and D.R.A.M. put on a great concert (from what I’ve heard) for the many students in attendance.

Tonight, most of the student body and thousands of alumni will gather around Lake Osceola to watch the annual boat burning and fireworks. People have been hard at work making campus look beautifully decked out in orange and green.

These things are super cool, but they mostly just hold rain water so I advise walking around them

For those of you who are freshmen or just unaware, here’s the agenda:

Homecoming parade – 7PM

At 7 o’clock, students from dozens of organizations will march together down Merrick and Stanford Drive. There will be music, banners, food, and lights. Chances are your building’s college council will have a group walking – join them.

Block party 6PM-8PM

“There will be rides, games, and a number of special art displays” on Merrick Drive. Don’t forget your Canecard, and ride at your own risk… I don’t trust those things.

Food trucks 6PM-10PM

Now this is the important stuff. From 6-10 tonight, tons of popular Miami food trucks will line Stanford Drive. Trucks include Cold Stone, Latin food trucks, pizza, and Kona Ice. A $5 voucher will be given to anyone who arrives early enough or who is involved in the parade.

Boat burning & fireworks 8:30 PM

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. People will surround the entirety of Lake Osceola, so if you want a good spot, make sure to get there early. Nothing will make you feel more proud to be a Hurricane than seeing the entire lake and freshmen dorms lit up orange and green.

Also, don’t forget tomorrow’s football game against Pitt at 12:30PM. The team needs our support so rally as early as you have to and be there…and wear orange, as always.

This picture says it all – Homecoming is incredible. Don’t miss it.

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