Hurricane Matthew to close UMiami for the rest of the week

What about the FSU football game?

College is out for the rest of the week as Miami prepares for Hurricane Matthew to hit.

In what is being hailed as the start of the longest tailgate ever, college will be closed from 5pm today, until Monday morning.

Students have been receiving calls from the college confirming the closure, and areas of the college are being boarded up in preparation of the storm.

A tweet by sports writer, Tim Reynolds confirms what we’ve all been hoping for – a break from college for a couple of days, providing it blows over in time for the FSU game on Saturday.

The Stage 4 storm promises to do quite a bit of damage. Miami-Dade Public Schools have already cancelled classes for the rest of the week – and we were all waiting on President Frenk to make the decision.

boarded up building at the University of Miami in preparation for Hurrican Matthew

Evacuations have already begun in our area, and events scheduled for this weekend – like III Points Music Festival – are at risk of cancellation. Islands south of Miami are already experiencing severe weather, and we can only anticipate landfall here in the next 24 hours.

University of Miami