We spoke to 19-year-old star of The Flash, Violett Beane

She told us about Canada, emerging as a star, and working on both sides of the camera

Violett Beane is a 19-year-old Florida-born actress best known for her role as DC Comics superhero Jesse Quick in The Flash.

Born in St. Peterburg, Beane moved to Austin, TX as a child. She had always been involved in school and community theater productions, and soon after the move to Texas, began to focus on film, acting, and directing. When not working, Violett is passionate about supporting environmental and animal causes, abortion rights, ending rap violence and gun control. Still a teenager, Violett Beane is excited about her future in the entertainment industry.

In her biggest role yet, Violett portrays Jesse Wells, the daughter of Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Her alter-ego speedster Jesse Quick debuts in season 2 of The Flash. Over the past six months, Beane and the rest of the cast members from The Flash have been busy filming in Canada. Beane described this time as “beautiful, fun, and exciting.” She also made a point to credit Tom Cavanagh for her comfortability and success in this new role. One day on set when Beane forgot her lines, “Tom pretended to forget his too.” She said that he made her feel “more at home and overall less nervous.” Adjusting to life as an emerging star can be tough, but this nineteen year old actress is making it sound easy.

I asked Violett Beane a few questions about her role, her career and her future, and this is what she had to say.


Have you ever played a role like Jesse Quick in The Flash before?

Believe it or not, this was actually my first superhero role. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of playing a character from a comic book – I love that little kids are going to be looking up to me.

How are you adjusting to your developing career, new role, and filming on location in Canada?

So far, it’s been an adjustment. The weather in Canada is a lot different than Texas. It’s been awesome to spend time with the cast and crew. I’ve never had this much screen time before – but I’m loving it!

If you could create a character to play, what would be your ideal role?

In the future, I hope to branch off and develop myself as an actor. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play darker characters, and establish my credibility as someone who can be funny, play a superhero, or expand into a deranged and dark role.

Do you have any other projects going on?

I recently directed, edited and starred in the ‘Landscape’ music video for Eyelid Kid. We are finishing it now, and its set to drop in the next few days.

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy watching ‘Fixer Upper’, doing DIY renovations of my home and spending time cuddling with my bunny, Milo.


Recently, Beane has made waves as she combines several mediums into one cohesive employment record. Her work in the 2014 HBO Series The Leftovers – combined with her 2015 role in Flay – would qualify Beane as an actress, but her work on the other side of the camera is what truly helps her stand out. It will be interesting to see Beane’s influence on Eyelid Kid’s “Landscape.” Check out the video when it is released to see how Violett Beane performs behind the scenes.

It looks as if Violett Beane is poised to join the next wave of celebrity superheroes to take over Hollywood. Her jumpstart roles have set her up for an illustrious career, but only time will tell if this young actress will develop into a star. If her experiences and performances are any indication, we can look forward to seeing this lovely lady on the big screen more frequently in the years to come.

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