How much money has UMiami faculty given to the presidential candidates?

One third of it was to candidates who are no longer in the race

This is a comprehensive look at all $34,350 worth of donations from University of Miami faculty to presidential candidates since late 2014. Let’s see who our professors lean towards on election day.

The Tab Pie Chart3

Jeb Bush

UM donated a total of $5,200 to doomed candidate Jeb Bush. The money came from three donors, at an average donation of $1,733.33

Ben Carson

One UMiami donor gave $250 to Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is UM’s favorite candidate, with a massive $20,900 donated from 18 donors. The average donation was $1,161.11

Ted Cruz

One UMiami donor gave $1,000 to Cruz.

Lindsey Graham

One UMiami donor gave $300 to Lindsey Graham.

Martin O’Malley

One UMiami donor gave $500 to Martin O’Malley.

Rand Paul

One UMiami donor gave $250 to Rand Paul.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio received $4,700 from seven UMiami donors, with an average donation of $671.43.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie received $1,250 from four UMiami donors – that’s an average donation of $312.50.

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