How much money has UMiami faculty given to the presidential candidates?

One third of it was to candidates who are no longer in the race

This is a comprehensive look at all $34,350 worth of donations from University of Miami faculty to presidential candidates since late 2014. Let’s see who our professors lean towards on election day.

Jeb Bush

UM donated a total of $5,200 to doomed candidate Jeb Bush. The money came from three donors, at an average donation of $1,733.33

Ben Carson

One UMiami donor gave $250 to Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is UM’s favorite candidate, with a massive $20,900 donated from 18 donors. The average donation was $1,161.11

Ted Cruz

One UMiami donor gave $1,000 to Cruz.

Lindsey Graham

One UMiami donor gave $300 to Lindsey Graham.

Martin O’Malley

One UMiami donor gave $500 to Martin O’Malley.

Rand Paul

One UMiami donor gave $250 to Rand Paul.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio received $4,700 from seven UMiami donors, with an average donation of $671.43.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie received $1,250 from four UMiami donors – that’s an average donation of $312.50.

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