Did you survive the Turkey Drop?

Break-up season is in full swing… did you dodge it?

With Thanksgiving in the not-so-distant past, it is safe to say that we are officially into the holiday season. Most college students were excited to go home this past week to see friends and family, enjoying their Thanksgiving break off from school. Others had much different plans.

I’m referring to the annual “Turkey Drop”. This is basically a holiday itself in the dating world! It's that time of the year when college students, usually freshmen, dump their significant other over Thanksgiving break.

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The most prevalent case of "Turkey Drop" happens among couples that dated in high school. They go off to different colleges and gain some major long-distance issues. Maybe they hold each other back, lack trust, or simply changed and outgrew their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Why? It's college; people change for better or worse. Either way, if you recently got dumped or was the one doing the dumping, then you have officially become a participant in this years “Turkey Drop”!

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To the Dumpers: Nice job, you lost the dead weight! Hopefully you weren’t too jerky about it all, so now you guys can “just be friends.” Of course, that's a complete joke; you’ll never be friends, so just take all that petty smack talk and move on!

To the Dumped: Listen babe, pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Go put on some John Mayer tear-jerkers to get the emotions out of the way, and then finish the semester strong with fresh hook-ups and memorable nights out! YOU never needed them anyways ?

And to the survivors: Hey look at you! You made it! Give yourself and your boo thang a pat on the back. Hope all goes well, but remember: we still have a ball drop coming up- watch out!

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