Your all-encompassing guide to the Super Bowl at UMass

How to get past the restrictions and riot, win or lose

Its that time of the year again. The Patriots have dominated the football season and now are poised to earn another championship lead by their illustrious quarterback Tom Brady. Even if you aren’t a Patriots fan, or Falcon’s fan, or agree that Brady is the G.O.A.T. you will probably be gathering with friends to see this game. Maybe you do it for the pile of chicken wings sitting at the nearby table, or for the chance to go wild if the Patriots win or lose. Either way it is important to follow a few tips provided to ensure that Sunday goes as smooth, and fun as possible

Remember the UMass Restrictions

This school loves to be a party-pooper on the everything from Halloween to Blarney Bash, and the Super Bowl is no exception. Starting from noon of Super Bowl Sunday up until 8 a.m the following Monday security desks will be staffed and checking Ucards. This means that you can only be a guest in buildings of the same residential area (Washington and JQA) and if you are an off-campus student then you have zero chance of getting into any building after noon.

Prepare to pull a sleepover

If you plan on bending around this rule and want to visit someone who is from another residential area, or you live off campus, but just love returning to our lovely dorms, then you need to pack up and crash in your friends dorm the night before, unless you have the energy to escape bed before noon and go visit them.

Stock up on food

If you are following step 2, then step 3 is a must. Whoever that person is, well they won’t be able to join you for some food at the dining commons, because then they have left your building and can’t be signed back in. Even if you aren’t hosting these kind of guests, extra food in the fridge can never hurt, especially when Domino’s begins to have to a 3 hour wait time.

Be wary of Noise

Coming from an usual experience from last years Super Bowl, I can’t express the importance of noise. Loud noise goes hand to hand with the sports, especially something as important as the Super Bowl, but remember its a Sunday and quite hours still apply. You don’t want to end up like I did last year when the viewing party in the Van Meter basement (dorm in Central) was shut down after 3 noise warnings were administered forcing people to adjust their Super Bowl plans.

Riots, win or lose

The greatest and saddest thing about the Super Bowl at Umass is the eventual riots. When the Patriots enter into the equation, these are amplified. Be prepared to see riots emerge, especially in Southwest when the Patriots win, or even lose. Students will be so hyped by wings, beer, and Tom Brady that all this emotion will seep out into a flurry of energy that surfaces in large congregations of students. Now I am not advocating you join in with the crowd, but if you are planning on joining the riots after the game be safe and remember to leave when you spot the cops arriving on horses.

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