If you don’t have the UMass dining app yet, you probably eat at Frank

Imagine never hunting for a table again

UMass Amherst’s award-winning dining has gotten even better with it’s recent app development.

The app, developed just last year, has earned a Mobile Web Award for Outstanding Development, which comes as no surprise.

It provides several useful tools to improve your UMass Dining experience. Students can use the app to learn the menu of every dining hall each day, and can even keep track of your favorite dishes so that you can easily tell if and where they are being served.

In addition, you can set allergies or diet restrictions so that you only see the foods relevant to you at each dining hall.

The app even tells students how busy each location is throughout the day. This way you’re able to avoid going to a dining hall flooded with people, forcing you to circle the entire place for thirty minutes to find a table all just to learn that none of your favorites are being served — in fact, they’re all being served at the hall you chose not to go to. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin a good day.

The app is free, and is sure to become a staple for all UMass Students, having earned rave reviews by those who used it last semester. 

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