Therapeutic screaming session to take place outside of Student Union

Be there December 9, between 4 and 4:20

It’s that time of year again. You start getting back your grades from midterms/exams/quizzes/papers and as you calculate your average you realize you’ll have to pull a miracle in these last few weeks.

The stress sinks in and you PANIC, all you wanna do is SCREAM but you can’t because THE LAST THING YOU NEED RIGHT NOW IS A VISIT FROM THE UMPD. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

No, not a solution to your grades, you’re still probably gonna fuck it, let’s be honest. BUT at least you can let out all your rage, stress, and frustration without worrying about freaking out everyone within a one mile radius.

That’s right, outside the Student Union on December 9th between 4 and 4:20PM there will be a “therapeutic screaming” session!

So whether you’re stressed about your grades, this years election, are still enraged about the death of a certain gorilla, or just enjoy SCREAMING, make sure to let it all out at the Student Union on December 9th!

Please show up. The less people, the weirder it is.

UMass Amherst