If you aren’t participating in Groutfit day, what are you participating in?

Friday is our time to shine

Calling all groutfit lovers! Get your best groutfits ready because this Friday, November 18th you will be taking over UMass with your spirit and (lack of) color.

Unaware of what this entails? Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this unique scenario! Here’s a low-down of what Groutfit Day is all about:


“Groutfits” are outfits that are entirely gray. Get it? Gray + Outfit = Groutfit. That means your top is gray, your pants are gray, and at this point you might as well make your socks gray too. Though traditionally ostracized in the realm of college fashion, now’s the time for this style to be trendy and cool…at least for the 24 hour period when you’re in your groutfit element. With a mass of others dressed in all gray all day, there’s no unspoken rule of fashion to abide by. So prepare yourself for a day like no other, and one that’s sure to exude a lot of this one color.

After a group of UMass students put together a Facebook group dedicated to making UMass gray for the day, the groutfit spirit has been in the air. At this time, about 2.5 thousand people have agreed to participate and 190 others responded with “maybe.” That’s not even counting those who will either not respond, or just so happen to join the trend by mistake.


So, here is your chance. If you feel compelled to join this unique moment in Fall 2016 history then get your best groutfit ready and let your freak flag fly. This is your time to take on the renowned groutfit trend and rock it.

UMass Amherst