Amherst named the fourth best college town in America

Coming for you, Gainsville

Amherst has been ranked 4th on College Rank’s Best College Towns in America.

Flanked by Boulder Colorado in 5th and Gainsville Florida in 3rd, “thinking-person’s town” Amherst has snagged a spot in the top 5.

Citing obvious creature comforts like pubs and pizza, the article also praised the town for it’s intellectual prowess, hiking spots, museums and movie theaters. The author also mentioned Amherst’s ability to attract “plenty of high-profile musicians – like Macklemore, for example.”

While the author and I may have different musical ideals, one message rings true: Amherst is an awesome place to go to college, and people are taking notice.

Just this week, UMass Amherst earned an appearance on The Today Show for “Best College Food”, where Minuteman Sam served Tamron Hall pulled pork sliders. Isenberg was ranked 33rd best business school by Bloomberg earlier this year. Even Amherst College constantly topsĀ Forbes’ list of private colleges and liberal arts universities.

So next time someone asks you, “Why on earth would you want to go to school in Western Mass?”, you can show them the receipts.

UMass Amherst