UMass ranked number one in the nation for college food

Joanne the Omelet lady deserves it

The Princeton Review has seen the light. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is officially number one in the United States of America for food. I don’t know what delayed this moment from happening for so long, but hey, better late than never.

Shout outs to Hamp, Berk, Frank, even Worcester. Berk, Baby Berk, Blue Wall, Pita Pit, Harvest, hell – ARGO TEA – this is the line up that won us this prestigious title. Lets’s all get jerseys with these names on the back.

Obviously, anybody who has ever even walked past Hamp knows we got it goin’ on. Most parents (aka mine) push UMass because of how great our food is. Seriously, I think my mom knows more about where it comes from than the people who serve it.


We got that bomb sushi and the most counted calories and we deserve it. No – Joanne the Omelet Lady deserves it, along with everyone of those beautiful people who work in our award-winning dining commons. You da real MVPs.

Now, whenever you enter one of our four dining commons and load up a plate, you can think to yourself, “Hey, this is the best [enter food] in the damn country!” And no one can tell you otherwise. Not even Bowdoin, who, at one point, knocked us into second place, but oh, how the tables have turned. (Not literally though. We need that table space. Tables are SACRED.)


With the new academic year starting in a few days and all the hope that a new semester brings just on the horizon, us Zoo Animals have yet another reason to celebrate. And after we celebrate, we’re all going to Late Night at Berk for the best goddamn collegiate food in the nation.

Bowdoin and their lobsters can suck it.

UMass Amherst