The best of Larry Kelley

Big Brother is watching, and tweeting

If you go to UMass and don’t know who Larry Kelley is, you’re missing out.

Larry Kelley, self proclaimed fifth generation Amherst resident, proud father, writer, and editor of his own blog, has the scoop on what’s going on in Amherst faster than we can really fathom.

Wait. when the hell did someone plow into Exscape?

His Twitter, @amherstac, ┬ácan keep UMass students, Amherst College folks, and the residents of the “Republic of Amherst” up to date with the latest mishaps, events, and ongoings in our beautiful city.

He reports on town meetings, arrests, and interactions with the Amherst Fire Department and UMPD. And, in true Zoo fashion, UMass makes his twitter almost every weekend.

We’ve compiled a list of his best tweets for you to check out below.

Mr. Kelley, thank you for continuing to keep us up to date.

Trouble on the PVTA

How’s your Friday going?

Ganja Grannie

“How high are you, ‘mam?” “5’7”

The Halloween Crowd

Tag your friends!

Trouble at Target

“now screaming”

Intoxicated college aged male

One of many “intoxicated college aged ___ at *insert UMass dorm*” posts on AmherstAC.

Larry Kelley knows you can’t hang.

Only in the Republic of Amherst

These goats ain’t loyal.

Here we goat again.

Relationship goals

Feel the RoadBERN

Have you ever been so passionate?

The Arbors

“I thought you fed Gladys already?”

Drunk and disorderly

AIDS doesn’t make you less arrested

Some good news

Next time you get involved with the UMPD, just know that UMass’s Batman is watching.

He’s aaaaaaalways watching.

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