EXCLUSIVE: The ‘drunkest kid of all time’ speaks out

And he’s got a lot to say

So, you may have seen this video of an insanely drunk kid at the Hobart Day Drink on Halloween.

The “Drunkest Kid Of All Time” is a freshman living in Southwest, and he wants to keep his real identity a secret given that the internet is forever and he knows he’s gonna need a job eventually.

He goes by S (just S). He also has a lot to say about the video, his future, and life in general. In fact, the first thing he said was: “I could talk forever.”

He then went on to explain,“I don’t want this video to affect me in the future because honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad. I know that at the end of the day I didn’t do anything wrong.”

So, who is gonna tell him about the legal drinking age?

He followed up with,“Being drunk underage is seen in our society as something bad because it’s against the law.”

So apparently he already knows… 

“I don’t want people to judge me from the video. One video should not represent me as a body as a whole. There are so many videos on YouTube, so many. And like, a lot of them have a lot of views, you know?

“And sometimes you can be a YouTube sensation but I don’t want that because I know in life it’s all about connections and unless you have a lot of money to begin with, it’s not easy. Life is all about getting from point A to point B.”

The video has been featured on sites such as BarStool Sports, and the YouTube views continue to go up and up. Currently, the video has over 130,000 hits.

“I don’t have a problem with the video, I have a problem with the system… it just shows that we need to go in a different direction with humanity.”

Yes, this is humanity’s fault.

“I somewhat remember [being at Hobart]. I remember getting there. I chugged a quarter handle of rubi at the bus stop, you know, because I can, but like, it’s so funny because I learned so much about human nature.”

How did you learn about human nature if you can’t remember it? Hmm?

“In high school I had a tough time. I just didn’t drink that much. Now that I’m here, I’m still learning my boundaries. You gotta learn at some point. It was just learning experience. Everything in life is just a learning experience.”

At least he learned from this. And yes, we all need to know our boundaries. 

“I’m honestly not worried because as long as I make sure that this video doesn’t lead back to me, I know nothing will happen to me because they’re literally saying ‘Kid gets destroyed by UMass Amherst’, they’re putting it on the whole school.”

I knew UMass’s Drunkest Kid Of All Time was making some sense. In the video, an entire drunken crowd literally charges him, and then continues to have a party on his trampled body.

When I watched the video, I will admit, I was slightly entertained. But I left feeling more disgust than satisfaction.

“It’s all a blurry memory. Why would you RKO someone?”

Really though, why would you RKO a drunk guy? In a second video, S is seen in the middle of the raging daydrink, dancing drunkenly. Then, the same kid who initially tackled him in the first video comes out of the crowd, and pulls the infamous wrestling move on S.

“I don’t remember getting RKO’d. I remember getting dropped off and smoking a joint somewhere, and there’s not much else.”

Final thoughts from him are exactly what you’d expect. I’ll just leave this here:

“I obviously started the party. I’m a legend around here and I know it, so I’m living the fucking life.”

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