Rae Sremmurd came to UMass for Halloween

And we may have figured out how to pronounce their name

On October 31st, the Mullins Center was venue to Rae Sremmurd, the hip-hop duo comprised of brothers Khalif “Swae Lee” Brown and Aaquil “Slim Jimmy” Brown.

The Halloween concert was very successful – it ended around 11pm, so everyone could still go out after. 

In all honesty, I had no plans to go to the concert until about three days before when I realized that all of my friends were going. I ended up front row at a concert for a group whose singles include “Come Get Her” and “No Flex Zone”, somewhere I thought I’d never be, but thoroughly enjoyed.

My friends and I showed up a bit late because a) we had no idea who the openers were and b) we are very bad at being on time in general. When we arrived, the crowd was underwhelming, and there were some people on stage with keyboards a skin-tight skeleton suits.

At 9.15, when Mike Stud (the opener that some people actually knew) was supposed to go on, some other guy came out and lip-synced to hip-hop jams for 20 minutes. I don’t know who he is or what his job was, but at least he was entertaining.

Mike Stud came on and requested of the crowd, “UMass!! Make some noise for yourselves!!” at every chance he got, probably because not many people were making audible noise at that point.

Mike Stud’s set ended around 10.15, and on came Rae Sremmurd. The crowd went wild. The girls started dancing like strippers. The guys disobeyed the “No Flex Zone” rule. Everyone was kinda drunk (but not drunk enough because we couldn’t sneak anything in).

The duo was accompanied by a two dancers: one in a wolf mask, and one in a really creepy clown mask. Maybe they’re Rae Sremmurd’s cousins?

Rae Sremmurd put on a very entertaining show filled with girls throwing candy and showering the crowd with “champagne” and condoms. The brothers skimmed the front row about halfway through their set and got a plethora of scantily-costumed girls on stage to dance with them, in true hip-hop style.

They also gave out nerf guns (once they ran out of foam bullets) and fake gargoyle statues (??) to crowd members.

Rae Sremmurd also made a request to the hoard of UMass kids as their set came to a close.

“Don’t vote for Donald Trump!” they said over and over again.

If ANY of you were planning on doing so, you can’t now. Rae Sremmurd said no.

Being in the front row, my female friends and I were reminded about concert etiquette when we were felt up by any guy that was “pushed” into us, and that the entire crowd has to dance in the same direction at the same time or someone will flip a shit. Overall, the show was entertaining, and you didn’t need a ratio to get in, just a UCard.

UPDATE: In our last Rae Sremmurd-related article, we expressed our confusion on the group’s name and it’s pronunciation. We have made a mind-blowing discovery:

Yep, Rae Sremmurd backwards = Drummers Ear.



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