The rumors about Bernie Sanders appearing at a UMass rally are untrue


There have been rumors that a certain Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential election, is coming to UMass.

Unfortunately, they are not true: Bernie Sanders is not coming to UMass.

However, all is not lost. A rally organized by the “UMass for Bernie Sanders” group is being held on the October 27th at 5pm at the Student Union in support of Bernie.

Although Mr Sanders will not be attending, many passionate students and professors will be, and they will be there to discuss the Bern’s campaign and his goals for Presidency; especially focusing on how his plans will help benefit young people (like students!).

The Facebook group that started it all

Even if you’re not a Bernie fan, Brennan Tierney, a “UMass for Bernie” coordinator, has told me the group will welcome you with open arms. Brennan said that one of the groups main goals is to help engage students with politics whether they are a Trump supporter or a Bernie fan.

Brennan, and the rest of “UMass for Bernie” want to help UMass students engage with the importance of politics.

Not only will the rally be speaking about Sanders, there will also be the opportunity to register to vote and/or find out information on why you should (most definitely) vote. To reiterate, you don’t have to be a Bernie supporter to benefit.

For those still concerned with the lack of Sanders, I did ask Brennan if Bernie had been contacted about appearing at the rally. He had, and as one would expect, “he’s a super busy guy!”

Bernie will be in Nevada on the day of the rally, but he will be hosting a “Student Town Hall” live stream (yes, you read that right) on the 28th of October. The live stream will be held at George Mason University, at 7pm, slightly too far away… but it can  be watched online or with the “UMass for Bernie” group at their usual weekly meeting, which are held Wednesdays, in Machmer Hall, E37.

So, if you’re a Bernie supporter, a politics enthusiast, if you don’t know a thing and want to know more, or a fan of the opposition and fancy a good ol’ debate, head down to the rally!

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