Things everyone at UMass is bored of hearing

It’s not easy being the best

At UMass, we face a lot of critical comments. Mostly people are just jealous we’re going to come out of school in significantly less debt than them.

Here are some of the most hated things to hear if you are a UMass student.

‘Oh, you go to the Zoo?’

Yeah, I do, but guess what! I get an education too!

‘You have an ugly campus’

Oh yeah? Well you have an ugly face.

‘There’s nothing to do out there’

No, you think there’s nothing to do out here. In reality, we have a million local activities that we have come to love, like swimming at Puffers Pond, hiking the surrounding mountains, the cutest downtown and of course attending the Big E each year.

‘Everyone goes to UMass, doesn’t it feel like you’re still in high school?’

Let me remind you that there are almost 30,000 people who go here. So no, it doesn’t feel like high school and no, I don’t see everyone I know.

Just the class of 2018

‘How do you even learn in big lectures?’

Contrary to popular belief, not all of our classes are in big lecture rooms. Actually, only your entry level classes are the one with a couple hundred people but as you move up in the world you get a lot of personal attention.

‘Doesn’t your football team suck?’

We may not have the best record, but we do have insane pride and support no matter what. Not to mention our tailgates are out of this world – and that’s really the only part anyone cares about anyway.

‘It’s just a party school’

Sure, we may have great parties, but the entering GPA of the class of 2019 was a 3.78, so you can at least say it’s a smart party school.

‘Don’t you guys have crazy riots?’

OL but that only happened like…twice.

‘Do you know so and so?’

Again, let me remind you, there are almost 30,000 students who go to UMass so let’s not be offended when I don’t know your brother’s best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend.

‘Can I come visit?’

Ahh, the biggest annoyance ever. Sure, you want all your friends to see how great and fun your school is, but there is still a part of you that is bitter that they turned their noses up to UMass and didn’t just come here themselves.

Chances are, they have probably said one of the things listed above to get under your skin. But you’ll let them visit anyway, not just because you’re a great friend, but because you’re proud of your school and you want others to love it, too.

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