Subbastyle: The many outfits of Chancellor Subbaswamy

Every day is Maroon Monday for our trendsetting chief

We know what you’re thinking, UMass: “How can I work more maroon and white into my wardrobe?”

Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy has the answer.

With an outfit for every day, weather pattern, and campus event, our Chancellor has you covered, from head to toe, with his Subbastyle. We look to our chancellor in times of crisis… why not amidst a fashion crisis?


Here we see the chief decked out for faculty convocation in his ceremonial robes. Chancellor Subbaswamy smiles from ear-to-ear in a stunning red robe with red velvet accents, embellished with the university logo. His matching hat is the same red velvet with an adorable gold tassel. The Chancellor completes his university ensemble  with a shining silver chain, sure to be all the rage at convocations for years to come.

Someone please tell Professor Janet Fink that on Mondays, we wear maroon.

Subba-Short Sleve

It’s no Subba-secret that our chancellor outshines everyone he shares a photograph with, but alumnus Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald didn’t stand a chance next to the minuteman himself at the September 25th UMass v. Notre Dame game.

While we may have lost the game, the chancellor won the runway in a classic UMass monogrammed short sleeve and tan pants. Not to mention the ice on his wrist, pulling the look together with a mix of class and casual.

So, what brand, Chancellor? Rolex? Versace? Armani?


Picture this: you have a presentation at Isenberg for your Future Chancellors of America class. Your classic black suit has been dry cleaned and your rimless glasses have been polished, but how do you say “Hey, I’m not just any chancellor, I’m the freakin’ chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and I love my job?”

That’s right; a brilliant maroon and white tie expertly tied and tucked into your suit jacket. Chancellor Gorgeous, you’ve done it again.

Subba-Snow Day

Chilly! Here, our chancellor celebrates the first big blizzard in a cozy winter parka and classic plaid button up shirt. The Chancellor is ready to take to the slopes up on O’Hill. And of course, what’s a snow day without a Subba-Selfie?


Just in time for fall, K. Subbs challenges his campus to find a more adorable plaid scarf-jacket combo, with matching maroon and white plaid shirt and minuteman pull over.

He and buddy Victor Cruz pose at a UMass football game last November, before the pair went to get a Subba-spiced latte and have a serious talk about that jacket, Vic.


Can’t find the Subba-style that’s right for you? No problem. Slap a picture of our adorable chancellor right on your shirt. Because let’s face it, every outfit K. Subbaswamy wears is made all the more spectacular because he’s the one wearing it. And, this is as close as you’ll ever get to his level of Subba-Swag.

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