What do you think of the defunding of Planned Parenthood?

‘Because if the government won’t, who will protect the women of this country? Donald Trump?’

Recently, the House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood for one year, after it became a platform piece for the Republican Party.

The branch of Planned Parenthood located a 35 minute drive away in Springfield confirmed to The Tab that it is the location utilized by UMass students.

We went out to Southwest to ask both men and women of UMass Amherst why they thought Planned Parenthood should, or should not, be funded.

Stephanie Murray, Journalism, Sophomore

‘Planned Parenthood needs funding because sex impacts EVERYONE’

“Planned Parenthood is helpful for young teens who don’t know much about sex. People can go to a private practitioner about abortions, but the legitimacy is a little fuzzy. I read an article in the New York Times about a doctor who faked pregnancy results and proceeded to have them undergo surgery (even if they weren’t pregnant) to get their money. Planned Parenthood is well known – it’s more trustworthy and preserves anonymity.”

Dean Genatossio, Finance, Junior

‘Mistakes happen!’

“Planned Parenthood benefits people because it gives them the knowledge they have a choice.”


Stephanie Barry, Accounting, Freshman

I feel the government should fund Planned Parenthood because they have services I would want future generations to have available’

“If Planned Parenthood were taken away I don’t know where I would turn to. They’re the only place I’m familiar with that doesn’t contact parents, doesn’t need your insurance, doesn’t need much information from you unless you’re willing to give it.

“Planned Parenthood gives a lot of information regarding accidental pregnancies and sex, even if the services aren’t used, without funding the information would not be coming out.”

Sakshi Bhatnagar, Operations Information Management, Senior

‘Because if the government won’t, who will protect the women of this country? Donald Trump?’

“Even if I was to personally believe someone can’t kill a baby, I can’t decide that for somebody I don’t know. The man should have a say in the abortion (or adoption), but only if they’ve proven an interest in raising the child, BUT it is coming out of a woman’s body.

“I think it’s important here’s a safe place where people are like ‘I know this place, they’ll be there and they won’t judge me for what’s about to happen.'”

Evan Piacopoulos, Economics, Sophomore

“Too many cuts in social spending. Takes the burden off of teenagers going through a lot already. Allows young families to continue and achieve their goals”

“Without Planned Parenthood we would have to turn to medical providers, which could be more expensive. They wouldn’t provide as much care for specific needs or to the individual. Planned Parenthood takes the pressure off of younger people about sex as well as finances. It’s important to guys too – it can help stop the spread of STIs.

“I know a few people who have gone through Planned Parenthood, and they helped them tremendously. Both of them are still attending school and their parents look after the baby together. They didn’t have to go through everything without knowledge or care.”

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