Winter is coming, Houston

Time to cancel everything and retreat to the bomb shelter

Houston, brace yourselves — there is a 20-plus degree drop coming. A cold front is arriving in Texas this weekend, so prepare for low 60s and high 50s in the coming weeks.

You know what that means: Southern Texan joke season!

This is the time of year Northerners and native Texans get amusement out of weather. Northerners will roll their eyes when they see our bundles of clothes, and they will probably laugh if we cancel school and work for icy roads again.




However, Texans know their weather. While we suffer through sweltering summers, we take some refugee in our winters. Even if it takes forever to get cooler temperatures.


The cold weather will also bring fun winter events to Houston. Check out ice sculptures at Frostival on November 22nd then go ice skating at Discovery Green. There will also be winter art installations popping up like the vibrantly-colored LED canopy Firmament and the Enchanted Promenade by the French light and art design studio, TILT. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy even in this cool weather.

University of Houston