No one knows who UH’s homecoming performers are

Have you got a ticket?

Homecoming is just over a month away and the performers have been announced – Norwegian ‘singing and songwriting duo’ Nico & Vinz.

The announcement was made on September 27th at the Mr. UH event.

The Chair of Special Events for SPB, Davis Darusman, said: “Nico & Vinz performed at the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize in front of humanitarians and international diplomats. That’s a big deal. We’re grateful to have this duo perform for our Homecoming concert and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!”


Seems legit

This is indeed a great accomplishment for the duo.

The thing is, when we asked around campus, no one has actually heard of them.

Vanessa Cias, 18, a biology major answered “No idea of them.” When I asked DeJahn Ingram, an engineering major who is also 18, he said “No I haven’t. What is that?” and Elsa, an 18 year old English major, said she felt like she heard the name before. Juan Villanueva, a Sports Management major, 18, only recognized the name because he had already about them.

So if no one on campus really knows who they are, why them?  Compared to last year’s artists, Lupe Fiasco and Wale, Nico & Vinz just aren’t as well known. This is even reflected on Spotify’s “Where People Listen”, a list made up of the top five cities where the artist is played the most. Houston appears as number 3 on Wale’s listeners and number 4 on Lupe Fiasco’s.

But searching on the list for Nico & Vinz, an American city doesn’t even appear. Top 40 radio stations have only exposed us to their song “Am I Wrong” being played on the radio for a while in 2013 and 2014. Other than that, there hasn’t been another hit by them in a while.

So why did SPB book them?

We still think it’s worth going – concerts are great, but it does seem a bit of a rogue choice.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the other events for that week and if you decide to go, tickets are now on sale.

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