Clowns, it’s probably best you stay away from Houston

The best social media responses to the ‘killer clown’ hysteria sweeping the nation

Clowns appear to be wreaking havoc in America. Whether you see them on your street, in a forest, or at your campus, ‘sightings’ are multiplying. As clowns have (apparently) made their appearance in 32 different states, everyone seems to be extremely paranoid and confused. We don’t know if this is a huge publicity stunt, or a legitimate threat.

In the Houston area, there have been social media threats involving clown images. In fact, one of the occurrences resulted in the arrest of a 14-year-old. Also in nearby towns Baytown and Atascocita, 2 men were arrested for chasing people, wearing clown outfits. These events have also forced surrounding school districts to enhance security.

Luckily, none of the clowns have actually been seen at UH…yet.

Regardless, many Houstonians are confident that we can handle it

However, others are taking much more caution. Just because the vast majority is brave, doesn’t mean you have to be

Overall, everyone stay safe!


University of Houston