‘Donald Trump is a fat rapist’: UD wifi wars get political

Oh thank god, I was running out of places to unwarrantedly hear your opinion

UD's wifi chronicles have taken yet another turn, and this time you'll wish it was as tame as eduroam being a drunk bitch at Grotto's.

The wifi situation on campus is not good. Like, notoriously painful to deal with. It has more issues than your professor going through their seventh divorce with a slight Xanax problem who has to call for assistance to put their slides onto the projector every damn class.

Usually these issues hover somewhere between the wifi not reaching or connecting, or Sakai just being down —which gives you a good excuse to not do your assignment. But, because it's 2017 and politics are literally inescapable, people are now using their personal wifi networks to stir some shit up.

Alert your racist third cousin who constantly rants on FB that there's a new outlet where they can be an asshole.

Last week, a wifi domain popped up on campus called "donald trump is a fat rapist" near Memorial Hall. The wifi creator is unknown, and it disappeared shortly after it was noticed. Well, it seems like the conservatives decided to give a little clap back this morning because while I was sitting in Brewed Awakenings trying to enjoy my coffee and cat videos, another wifi network popped up entitled "Hilary Clinton email server". Totally the same thing.

Granted, this could have popped up for a number of reasons. It might not have anything to do with the Trump wifi name at all. It could just be a joke and I'm outing someone's personal wifi — in which case, drove me the password bb, Brewed's wifi was getting pretty crowded.

Entitling a wifi "donald trump is a fat rapist" is pretty pointed. There's no room for the assumption of a joke there, no one is casually putting "rapist" into their wifi domains. If you are, I literally can't help you.

Whether this was meant to stir up political debate (something we're really running low on…) it's safe to say that maybe a wifi name isn't the best place to debate politics. We should definitely leave that to social media amongst my ~facetuned~ bikini pics and brunch snaps.

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