The coffee shops you should be hanging at on Main Street

From quesadillas to flavorful lattes, Main Street has somewhere for everyone

Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to do homework or the perfect spot to meet for coffee, Main Street has a number of options. Each with their own variety of drinks and food, you’re bound to find your new favorite place nestled in among the restaurants and shops of Newark.

Brew Haha

Recently remodeled, the cafe traded in its Italian feel for a bright, boho atmosphere. There are plenty of tables, including about a dozen on the outdoor patio. With half of the patio covered, it’s the perfect spot to do work on warm afternoons. If you’re looking for outlets, you should grab a seat at the counter top along the window or cozy up on the couch along the other wall. It can get a little loud, but they play good music and the crowd usually thins out around 5pm. I recommend grabbing a Bagels Gone Bananas sandwich (it’s got peanut butter, honey, and – obviously – bananas) and a Milky Way latte if you’re planning to hang out.

Central Perk

While it might not be the cutest coffee shop on Main Street, it is one of the more practical places to do work. With large tables, plenty of outlets, and a quiet atmosphere, Central Perk offers the kind of space you need while studying for finals or writing a research paper. The counter top along the window is a great place to people-watch, but you’ll probably be distracted so opt for a table if you need to get serious work done. Their smoothies are delicious, and you get to pick from a wide variety of fruit to make your own perfect drink. If you need something to eat, their bagel sandwiches – particularly the bacon, egg, and cheese – are amazing and won’t break your budget.


One of the two Starbucks on campus, Main Street’s location offers table and counter seating. Seeing as it’s one of the few cafes on this end of the street, it’s the perfect place for anyone living in the East Campus dorms or on South Chapel. There are outlets along the windows and in the center of the long table in the center of the building. If you make a habit of hitting up Starbucks – and honestly, who doesn’t? – it’s definitely worth it to download their rewards app and throw some money on a digital card. You’ll rank up points for freebies down the road and score birthday rewards. My go-to Starbucks order is a blueberry yogurt muffin and an iced caramel macchiato.

Brewed Awakenings

One of the lesser-known spots on Main Street has got to be Brewed Awakenings. Tucked in next to the 5&10, it’s a small cafe with about ten tables. If you can get a seat, though, it’s definitely worth it. The one side of the interior is covered in artwork, including one┬ásection that’s entirely chalkboard and open for customers to contribute to. The other wall is stacked with board games and books. Everything about Brewed Awakenings is cozy, including the Community Cup – pay it forward with a cup of coffee for someone else. If you’re planning on staying there, you can even get your drink in a real mug, which is not only environmental-friendly but also adorable. Their menu has a little bit of everything; if you’re hungry, go for a lemonade and quesadilla to mix things up.

Barnes and Noble Cafe

The Blue Hen Cafe is traditional and familiar; it’s your ex-boyfriend from high school that you should probably move on from but he’s just so easy to go back to. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the bookstore cafe, but that’s part of why it’s a great place to do work. You’re almost always guaranteed a table, and they even accept Flex to pay for your study snacks. They’ve got plenty of outlets, as long as you’re sitting along the wall or at one of the large tables in the middle. For some reason, it is always chilly in the bookstore so make sure to bring along a cardigan or wrap yourself in your fluffiest blanket. Put those Flex dollars to good use and snag a chocolate brownie and large iced coffee for just $4.

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