10 Ways to Stay Sane During UD Finals

Hang in there

As the last month of school approaches and the looming anxiety of final exams, projects, and essays approach, you may be internally screaming to yourself:


During these times it is easy for one to feel overloaded with the stresses of personal life, school, and work. If you are a senior you may have the added anxiety of contemplating what you really want to do with your life now that you don’t have the comforting words of Kirkbride Jesus to guide you. Most of us are probably┬áthinking, “Well, shit.”

It is difficult to manage all these emotions while simultaneously not having a mental breakdown in the middle of class. The first step is to acknowledge that while your life may seem like it is spiraling out of control, you, at least these last weeks, have the privilege of enjoying the beauty of UD’s campus. To keep you from losing your mind during the next few weeks, here are some tips on how to relax and unwind.

Go to White Clay Creek

Surrounding campus with sprawling green trees and pretty trails, this is the perfect place to escape to when campus itself seems too dreary. Go for a hike or a run. Maybe use the peace and quiet to meditate near the water or read a book along the bridge. Enjoy the scenery: the birds, the fields, the people walking past with their families. Feel reassured that no matter what you are dealing with, you will always have the majesty of nature to fall back on.

Lay out on The Green

If you don’t have the time or energy to make it to White Clay, enjoy the nice weather and view of Memorial from The Green. If you live on East Campus, the Harrington Turf is a good place to avoid your problems and prove your skills at volleyball.

Scream Silently into the Dark Abyss of Your Future

This one is pretty self explanatory. While it may not be completely productive, it’s certainly cathartic.

Treat yo’ self

Have that ice cream cone. You deserve it! You should probably not make this a habit, but every once and a while, treating yourself to an impromptu shopping trip or a really good dinner can lift your spirits.

Read a book (that you actually like)

Yes, we all feel inclined to turn to Netflix in order to escape our own lives. But remember books? The silent precursor to TV shows and movies? Take your time, and read something you really enjoy. Allow yourself to be immersed in the story in front of you. Remind yourself that it isn’t reading that you hate, it’s just that awful chem textbook.

Call home

Sometimes, you just need someone familiar to talk to, someone who really knows you and can remind you of how capable and strong you are. Talk to an old friend or your parent when you’re feeling lost or stressed.

Study in different places

Studying in one place over and over can get boring. It can start to feel monotonous, and make you lose interest in the material. Try going to explore other parts of campus with your books besides your room.

Drown Your Sorrows in Your Pool of Tears and Hopelessness

Another self explanatory suggestion. Sometimes you need a good break down to get out all your emotion and then be ready to face your textbooks head on. Just don’t get too caught up in this one, believe me it can become a cycle.

Take a break

You can only stay focus for so long. Staring for hours into that essay isn’t going to make your writer’s block any easier. Take a walk or just simply close your laptop for a few minutes, and go back after you’re ready.

Pet a dog (or any other adorable animal)

Because there is no better therapy than interacting with a cute non-human.


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