10 Signs That You’ve Achieved True Friendship

What brings you together keeps you together

The Shared Glance

This look is the first hook of friendship. It tells the other person you hold the exact same feelings about the situation (whether it be “How awesome is this?” or “What the f—?”) or person, which brings us to…

The Common Enemy

This is the person you both share an unhealthy hatred for. And as the old saying goes, nothing bonds two people closer together than an intense dislike for another human being. Knowing that someone else also hates that one girl who always asks unnecessary questions in PSYC100 brings a satisfaction even your mother’s love couldn’t give you.

The Weird Comforts

They know when you’re feeling down, and they know how to make you feel better. But anybody can think to get your chocolates or take you out for a drink. A real friend knows what you really want: a succulent named Fred.

The Booty Check

Nothing says that you are definitely growing more comfortable with another person than being able to unabashedly ask them to check you butt for panty lines/period leaks/general cheekiness.

The Wine and Whine

Sometimes, life gets rough. And when that happens there is no better cure than curling up with your closest people and getting wine drunk while crying through scenes of A Walk to Remember.

The Slobby Feasts

You may eat with manners around your parents. You may eat neatly (or if at all) on a first date. But with your real friends, there are no barriers.

The Painful Truth

“No, that dress simply doesn’t look good on you.” Hearing that from a friend means you know they really care. Sometimes the honesty comes from cutting off your drinks, or perhaps blocking your face from a photo they know you’ll hate later on.

The Naked Comfort Zone

Again, there are no barriers. If you can comfortably walk around your apartment or dorm in underwear or less, you know you’re in good company.

The Separation Anxiety

You know you are friends with somebody when being away from them for a week or more feels like a decade, worthy of wistful goodbyes and even more cheesy reunions.

The Personal Photographer

This person’s got your back. They know how to take a good candid and make it look like it’s candid. They also know how to properly take a shot of you with Christopher Pratt, because that is mandatory.

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