An Open Letter to UD’s Weather

Get it together, we’re cold and we want dayge season already.

Dear Delaware Weather,

While we appreciate the past snow days you have so kindly given us, nestled between two periods of outrageously warm weather, I would also like to implore you to at least be a little bit more consistent.

We can handle cold, frigid weather. Many of us had weathered (ha, get it?) your blizzard of ’16. Some of us are from the unforgiving terrain of New England, where getting two inches of snow is considered shorts-appropriate. We would be prepared to dress for and handle what you throw at us if you just behave with a little more regularity.

We can’t put our arms down!

When you give us 60-70 degree weather for a week during the spring semester, we mere mortals believe it’s a sign to pack up our heavy winter coats, whip out our backless tank tops from last summer, and trade in our knee-high boots for some strappy sandals. Only the very following week you decided to not only bring down the temperature to an icy tundra, but bring upon us a snow storm which were no longer physically or emotionally prepared for.

My brain switched into Spring mode. The trees had already started blooming. And now, just like the cherry blossoms that line the sides of Memorial Hall, my optimism and morale withers with every brisk chill flowing through the gaps of my poorly picked-out outfit.

We have no problem with days that are slightly colder or warmer than others. We understand that is a normal part of the weather pattern because we paid at least five minutes of attention in 9th grade science class, but your changes are comparable to the mood swings of a very hormonal teenager getting used to their first experiment with birth control that they maybe aren’t prepared for yet.

Please stop teasing us with pretty sunshine, only to squash our hopes of future warmth with 10 degree winds the next day. We are already dealing with a lot of stress in our daily lives: homework, fussy roommates, the current presidential administration destroying our country (the usual). Certainly, we have had enough.

Your shifts are so dramatic, even the UD Instagram page took notice back in February:

Should we be wearing mittens or some quality jorts?? We simply don’t know anymore!

I hope this last Spring Break allowed you time to rejuvenate yourself and get your shit together. I left my coats at home and if another blizzard comes, I’m going to die.


The Students of UD (involuntarily represented by me, Lisa)

University of Delaware