And here are some reasons why

According to a recent announcement from the University of Delaware, Joe Biden, UD alum and former Vice President of the United States, will be coming to the University of Delaware once more. But this time, he won’t be in any major auditorium or meeting room, arranging details for the Biden Institute or introducing UD’s latest President.

Instead, Biden will be joining students, faculty, staff, and anyone who happens to be walking past on The Green.

“Biden is back! Let’s come together at noon Friday, April 7 on [The] Green to welcome home one of our most famous Blue Hens. Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is back on campus,” the announcement read.

Very little details were provided about this event, but the university assures that more information will come out in the following days.

But why wait, when you could make empty predictions?

Here are some possible reasons why the former VP will be gracing us with his presence:

He’s lonely

Although we’re all sure he’s glad to be out of DC and back in good ol’ Delaware, we can’t get over the fact that when he left, he also lost his ultimate BFF. Sure, their greatest moments have been crystallized in a stream of Obama-Biden memes, but now that the former President seems to have moved on, Biden needs to find a new outlet for all his prank suggestions. We’re excited to hear them, Joe.

New Real-Estate

Another thing he did when he last visited was stop by his old dorm, Harter Hall. I personally saw him stare up at the building while waving to the hoards of screaming students from my room in Sypherd. After screaming at the top of my lungs, I ran down stairs just fast enough to catch him walking up the steps to Main Street. I can only imagine that all of the time he has spent traveling around the country, getting to know many college students along the way, that he has been inspired to live among them once again. According to sources I am completely making up, Biden has filled out the On-Campus Housing form and will be sharing a room in Harter with a Rugby player named Kyle the following year.


Everyone knows our favorite Blue Hen loves his ice cream. With the weather getting warmer, he might be holding this event solely for an excuse to get free UDairy. That’s fine– as long as he shares.


Understanding that he has a huge cult following at UD, Biden will be announcing the creation of a new RSO on campus, the Biden Fan Club. T-shirts will be thrown out at the event, along with buttons and old souvenirs from the White House. (Dibs on the Lincoln painting!)

Another Brew Haha! Experience

Last time he visited campus on a whim, Biden made a point to visit one of the best coffee shops on Main Street, Brew Haha. Sources say that the eclectic, indie-film atmosphere has inspired him to come to the shop more often, writing his first novel on falling in love and the American Dream.

Reinstating hope

With everything going on in the country, abroad, and within the current administration, Biden wants to assure all of us that we’ll all be okay and that the future of the nation is not one flaming ball of fire and despair. Good luck, Joe.

He loves us

Recently, Biden has shown his strong interest in growing and developing the education of college students, especially through his recent partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware. After years of having to deal with politicians, Congressmen, and lobbyists, he seems genuinely excited to hang around our generation for a while. And that’s fine, because we love him, too.

University of Delaware