All the types of people you’ll see at the UD Little Bob

Everyone’s on the grind in one way or another

If you don’t already know, the main fitness and recreational center at UD is in the ‘Little’ Bob Carpenter center on North College Ave. If you want to workout, go rock climbing, swim laps, or play intramural sports, this is the place to be. Not to be confused with the ‘Big’ Bob Carpenter Center on South College Ave on South Campus- where a lot of the Division I Athletes have lifting practice. The Little Bob nevertheless is filled with various types of gym goers; from people sitting on a weight machine texting, to guys obsessed with lifting, and everything in between.

Letters on the Ellipticals

Kind of self explanatory. Walk into the gym no further than the main floor, and all of the ellipticals are usually taken (the majority by sorority girls in their Greek Life shirts and leggings). This area is generally pretty poppin’ but at the beginning of the semester it is crowded like no where else on campus. It’s a pretty prime spot, and even YouDee likes to give it a go every once in a while.

People On Their Phone On The Weight Machines

Working hard or hardly working? Look no further than any of the weight machines where between sets Blue Hens commonly sit on what we can only assume is most likely Tinder or Snapchat (gym selfies?) for sometime – or for a long time. I literally cannot tell if they’re working out or just find the seats really comfortable.

People Running On The Indoor Track

Confession- I do this nearly every workout so I don’t always have to wait for a machine. Shout out to the runners who use the track on the top floor and don’t care about everyone seeing you work up a sweat. There’s also those few daring people that decide to take it easy and walk, not at all phased by the potential of being run down. Bonus to running on the track: you could score a free T-shirt from the UD Spirit Team like I did during my workout.

Yay free stuff

The Bottom Floor Lifters 

The power lifters, the true gym rats, the protein shakers. They all convene on the bottom floor, also known as the strength floor. Everything from heavy free weights to bench presses are down there ready for you and your friends.

Blue Hens That Just Want to Have Fun 

Walk a little farther back in the Little Bob, beyond the main fitness areas, and you can find intramural sports going on in any of the three main gymnasiums, or in the racquetball courts. There’s also people climbing on the indoor rock wall, playing basketball with their friends, and people taking fun fitness classes like Zumba!

Rock climbing!

Social Butterflies

Last but not least, there are always people hanging out in athletic clothing with a bottle of water chatting. They may insist that they’ve been doing abs, but that has yet to be seen and probably consists of them laying on a mat and talking to their neighbor.

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