10 unique things you know about UD if you’re a Blue Hen

YoU’D want to go here too

Anyone that goes to the University of Delaware knows a few of its quirks that make it unique. From day to day, time to time, week to week, I’m sure you’ve learned or have noticed a few of them. If you don’t, well here ya go. There are tons of colleges in America, but there are none quite like UD.

1. Cherry Blossoms have bloomed in February

Yes, today it is the beginning of March, but the other day was the first time this year that I saw some beautiful pink cherry blossoms! Walk on the Green near the kissing arches, up Main Street, or just around Newark in general and I’m sure you’ll see some this Spring.

2. Construction is always happening to make UD bigger and better

I’ve never been at UD when there wasn’t some sort of construction going on. During my freshman year the University was building the new Ceasar Rodney Dorms and dining hall (RIP West Campus), into my sophomore year. Now during my junior year they are building more freshman dorms next to Ceasar Rodney at the south end of Academy street.

3. Students will take any chance to be outside

It was nearly 75 degrees a few days ago at the very end of February, so  why not enjoy this ‘winter’ weather while you can? Here’s to sitting on green as much as possible, never really knowing what to wear, and allergy season coming upon us.

4. Joe Biden is an involved alumnus 

He also visited Main Street and talked to some students on Election Day! As Biden only resides about a half an hour away, Delaware has a special place in his heart. Recently after being the 47th Vice President of the U.S., he decided to launch the Biden Institute at UD which will be part of the School of Public Policy and Administration.

5. You can get Mexican food or a vegetable bowl at no less than 5 places on Main Street

Main Street or my actual dream come true? From Del Pez, Santa Fe, Chipotle, California Tortilla (Cal Tor), El Diablo, Roots, and now Qdoba, you have so many options if you want a taco, burrito, or bowl.

6. It always rains on Tuesdays

And that is not an exaggeration. There’s probably over a 30% chance that it’s going to rain next Tuesday and the Tuesday after that.

7. You’re close to so many cities

Newark, the typical college town situated along the East Coast, is only about 45 minutes from Philadelphia, an hour form Baltimore, an hour and a half from D.C, and two hours from New York City! Because of our close proximities to these pop culture hubs we never have to miss a Kanye tour, and never have to feel stuck on campus. This also makes it more convenient when trying to find a real world job (how scary) or internship.

8. You’re always near a train

If you ever want to go to Washington D.C, Philadelphia, or even home, the Amtrak is here right by the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources on South Campus. And of course, the annoyingly long freight train that runs parallel to Cleveland Ave and by North Campus comes every few hours or so during the day. I’m sure you’ve been stopped by it at least once in your college career, while walking on North College Ave near the gym. Be prepared to wait about five minutes or so when all you want to do is probably go home or get to class.

9. You can always have bomb ice cream to satisfy your cravings

Shout out to UDairy on South Campus for making so many flavors of delicious Ice cream! From Blue Hen Tracks, to Delaware River Mud Pie, to good old Chocolate, the creamery will always have a flavor that you love.

10. No other school’s mascot is a Blue Hen

It’s such a unique awesome experience to go to UD and be a Blue Hen. Not to mention You Dee is our official mascot of the Delaware Fighting’ Blue Hens.

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