A few easy A classes to consider for UD students

Because I’ve already changed my schedule fourteen times.

Add drop is easily the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t feel like getting up that day? Drop the class. Don’t feel like doing the reading? Drop the class. See an unbearably hot professor walking around? Switch into their class just long enough to get a taste of who they are as a human being so you can accurately fantasize about your wedding. Then drop the class.

But along with add drop comes the awful realization that while winter has already came, the storm is just starting to brew. Tons of readings, online quizzes, and books more expensive than your kidneys hit like a truck, and you start to second guess this whole college and classes and degree thing.

But don’t fret, there’s still ample time to change up your schedule if you’d rather spend your time at a more poppin’ club than Morris. Here are some easy A classes to switch into if your schedule just isn’t going as planned.

LEAD101: Global contexts for leadership

Professor Fuqua is possibly the nicest professor at the University of Delaware, and is extremely encouraging for participation. There are exams, online assignments, and a group presentation. You have to find your own group so you may want to join this class with a friend unless you’re a people person and don’t mind making conversation and working with strangers.

GEOL105: Geological Hazards

AKA rocks for jocks. This helps to satisfy your Group D requirements (bonus points if you add the lab and knock out that requirement as well), and is a saving grace for non science people. The lectures can be painfully boring but the material is simple enough, and very closely resembles his online quizzes. The labs are totally doable if you get lucky with a TA who will hold your hand throughout the exercises.

ANFS102: Food For Thought

This also class satisfies part of the Group D requirement, and is also a life saver for non science people. Your grade is made up of a combination of online assignments and exams, neither of which are particularly strenuous. She also offers extra credit which was pretty cool (not that you’ll need it).

THEA242: Page to stage: making theater

Or really any other theater class. Beware, the professor will certainly call you out with no qualms (avoiding blocking the projector like your life depends on it), but if you lay low you’ll be fine and get some help fulfilling your Group A requirements. Exams, online quizzes, and a reflection paper make up your grade, all of which are super straight forward (but don’t worry, no acting is demanded of you). The quizzes require you going to see the plays that the REP is putting out that semester, so grab a hot date and impress them with your newfound knowledge of the arts.

JWST250: Comparative Genocide

Full disclosure this class felt easy to me because I was super interested and wanted to pay attention to the lectures. The topic is, of course, sobering and disturbing, but anyone would agree that it’s an important topic to be well versed in. Your grade revolves around two papers and two exams, both of which are completely doable. I also did not do one single reading the entire semester, and still got an A based on class notes alone.

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