We asked UD whether you get free tuition if you get hit by as bus

An investigation

If you go to UD you’ve probably heard the rumor that if you get hit by a shuttle then the university has to pay for your tuition.

As there are tons of broke college kids on campus, many have daydreamed about a light nose graze from a UD bus diminishing thousands of dollars worth of loans. But before anyone gets a little bit too stressed out about the monumental cost of tuition, books, food, and natty, you all must know that your back up plan to take care of said expenses is a lie.

To finally unsheathe the truth on this alternative fact, I contacted UD’s transportation services. I was immediately laughed at and got the response, “No, not to my knowledge”, then after a beat was asked, “Why? Were you hit by a bus?”

She didn’t seem super worried about it.

So always look both ways before you cross the street and save your fingers and toes, because with buses bigger than our professor’s expectations no one needs that risk.

University of Delaware