Today protesters took to the Green in a call for peace

Dissent is patriotic

Today peaceful protesters took to the Green in front of Memorial Hall to call for love and equality.

They were first seen walking silently through the Green, holding their signs and their heads high. Eventually they stopped in front of Memorial Hall and allowed speakers to share their feelings. The protest featured a large group of Delaware students that ranged in age.


While the walk was a call for peace and love regardless of political party or who’s name was featured on your ballot, there were many signs emblazoned¬†Anti-Trump themes. “Never my president,” “Dissent is Patriotic,” and “Trump is Putin’s Puppet” were all obviously voicing frustration at the recent election results.


The rest of the signs called for peace in varying degrees of temperament. One sign simply read “Love,” another called to “End Homophobia, End Xenophobia,” while another held the silent cry,¬†“Fuck White Supremacy.”


Towards the end of the protest an announcement was made for another event this evening at 6pm beginning at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark at 420 Willa Road.

The event this evening will be a silent demonstration, and all participants are urged to “bring candles, bring loving signs, and bring your good intentions.”


University of Delaware