Former UCSB student convicted of violent rape

The victim suffered horrible injuries, including a broken nose, ruptured eardrum and severe vaginal trauma.

On Wednesday, a former UCSB student was convicted of raping a female student in February of 2014. Two years after the brutal assault occurred near the university's track and tennis courts, police arrested Daniel Jiang Chen in San Ramon, California.

The 22-year-old faces a 36 year sentence for two felony counts of rape and one count of robbery. His sentencing hearing will be on October 20th at 1:30 pm in the Santa Barbara Superior Court.

The victim, who in the case is known as Jane Doe, was very satisfied with the plea. According to The Daily Nexus, she was present at the hearing and was "very pleased to have closure."

She also filed a civil suit case against the UC Regents, after claiming that they failed to maintain an overgrown foliage area which allowed the rape to occur.

Five witnesses testified against Chen in October of 2016, and police later connected him to the crime when they found DNA in two condoms from the crime scene identical to that of another felony arrest. Both the victim and several witnesses will likely be present in the October hearing to gain closure.

After his sentencing, Chen will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He also will face 15 years of parole after his release.

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