UCSB no longer top ten party school in The Princeton Review

Two years ago we were top three

According to the 2017 Princeton Review, UCSB came in as the 12th top party school in the United States.

And damnit, Gauchos, I am SO disappointed in you.

Last year, 2016, we were 11th, and we have been on our continuous downhill spiral since. Up until 2015, us Gauchos proudly and consistently made the Princeton Review’s top five party schools, coming in at number three that year.

But nope, y’all decided to sober up and quit the wild life.

What happened to work hard, party harder?

What happened to U Can Study Buzzed?

It died with Deltopia.

RIP to the UCSB we all know and loved; Big Three UC school and top three party school. You will be missed.

UC Santa Barbara