UCSB ranks in the top 50 best bang-for-your-buck schools

Guess who didn’t make this list

According to Time Money, UCSB ranks as the 36th best value for money college in the US.

I have a fucking problem with this, and you should too.

How the hell are UC Irvine and UC Riverside ranked ahead of us?  Sure, I get that their tuition is barely cheaper, and I mean barely,  but there is a reason we call it UC Ratchet, OK?

And somehow, UCI is SEVENTH.  What do they even do?  We are higher ranked, more competitive, and their mascot is literally Peter the Anteater.

Fuck off, Peter

There are some universities above us that I can accept ranking higher than us because they already have a preexisting reputation for being great schools.  Princeton comes in at number one on the list, with Baruch coming in at second.  Other high ranking universities include UC Berkeley at number four, UCLA and Stanford tied at number five, UC Davis at number nine, and Harvard at number ten.

But UC Irvine at seven?  Really?

However, at the end of the day, there is still a silver lining:  UC San Diego did not even make the list, further proving our rightful place in the UC Big Three.

Interested in more rankings?  Check out the comprehensive list below.

UC Santa Barbara