How much it actually costs to miss a class at UCSB

Hint – it’s a lot of Charburgers

You swear to yourself if you open your eyes to check what time it is you’ll shed a tear, or if you reach a limb out of your body’s toasty home of bundled blankets you will actually experience Antarctica weather.

Whether you’re waking up for your 8 AM and heavily questioning how you did so every day for twelve years of your life, or you’re awakening from a hefty nap asking yourself what day it is, the little devil on your shoulder comforts you as you stay in bed and miss yet another class. What the little devil doesn’t tell you is how much you’re actually paying for avoiding “just another math lecture.”

UC Santa Barbara formally states that their in-state tuition for undergraduate students is about $13,865. Most students will generally take about 4 classes a quarter, especially after their freshmen year. With a little bit of math, we can calculate that each quarter is estimated to be about $4,621.67 with each class valuing around $1,155.42. With 10 weeks in a quarter and meeting for one class two times a week, that’s $58 per class you lose.

In more relatable terms, you’re giving up:

7 Freebirds Nachos

Everyone’s guilty pleasure after a long week or perhaps even a night. But it’s never a cheap price to pay.

1 Textbook

No one better than students understand the true struggle of how expensive books can get.

And after just 10 weeks, it’s another batch and money out of your wallets.

11 Large Blenders Smoothies

Everyone who goes to UCSB understands the internal conflict of fully knowing that the small size at Blenders is just not going to do the job, so we end up getting the large and paying close to $6 every time.

14 Bagels from Bagel Café

The tiny bagel shop in IV offers a trip to one of NYC’s many. The undeniably mouthwatering variety of bagels, cream cheeses, and combos make coming back so easy.

14 Habit Double Charburgers

Hungry? Burger. Stressed? Burger. Bored? Burger. Just doesn’t get better.

19 Starbucks Lattés

Everyone needs a quick pick-me-up during the week, whether it be an original black coffee or a nonfat iced green tea latte.

To take away from the big picture, think about the next time you know your “just five more minutes” in bed will inevitably turn into a get-out-of-class pass.

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