Is this the nicest bathroom on campus?

Enjoy sweeping Ocean views while you go about your business

Situated at the top floor of the Marine Science Research Building, this private restroom affords students breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean while they conduct their business.

From the throne, you can see the beach as it runs into the crystal clear sea and palm trees sway in the breeze.

While each floor below also boasts a toilet with a window to the sea, the fourth floor lavatory is the one with the best and highest view of the sea.

The view is not the only perk this facility offers, however. Unlike many campus bathrooms, there is only one toilet, which means you enjoy total privacy instead of being crammed into a claustrophobia-inducing little stall. The restroom is located in a relatively sparsely populated area of campus, so it endures little traffic and remains clean.

The most instagrammable bathroom on earth

Finally, the retractable blinds can fully cover the windows, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing inside (even though they won’t).

A few months ago, it caused a huge buzz on Reddit, with users leaving comments like “10/10 Would shit again” and “I live in Switzerland and even I want to know where it is”.

It’s just an all-around nice place to take a shit.


UC Santa Barbara