Anti-Trump notes left on UConn Trump supporter’s truck

They also keyed his car

Last week, marketing major Billy Blatter posted a photo to the UConn Buy and Sell group of his truck which had been keyed and left with anti-Trump notes on it.

Blatter’s truck proudly displays a “TRUMP” sticker on it and in response someone attacked his truck with notes including: “#Black Lives Matter,” “Fuck Trump” and “Your an asshole,” and even took a key to his car.

Blatter took to the Facebook page, expressing his anger about the incident and how these people were assuming that he was a “racist asshole” just because of his choice to express who he was voting for.

The comment section erupted, with people from different sides of the political spectrum sharing their opinions on the matter. It started out calmly, with most of the comments coming from fellow students and friends of Blatter’s, saying that he was a great guy and his political views shouldn’t define his character. They also said that students should not touch the property of others and especially not vandalize it because they were offended by his political views.

The notes left on Blatter's truck.

The notes left on Blatter’s truck

Some poured out their anger at Blatter, saying that because he was in support for Trump, he was supporting the violent and racist ideals that are often publicly expressed by Trump himself. Some students found it disturbing that they had fellow students on campus that supported a man that has been outright verbally dangerous.

When asked about his views on the whole matter, Blatter told The Tab, “I’m aggravated someone vandalized my truck but it’s more the principal of the whole thing that gets me. The fact that me having a sticker on my truck of who I support makes someone feel they have the right to vandalize my hard earned property, regardless of political views, is messed up and pathetic.

The key marks on Blatter's truck.

The key marks on Blatter’s truck

Blatter continued to say that this wouldn’t have happened to someone who proudly supported other candidates.

“This would never be done to someone for having a Hillary sticker or Bernie sticker on their car like the hundreds of them on campus. And if it did, there would be outrage. All that the left side preaches is tolerance and acceptance until the minute you disagree with their views and then it all goes out the window and this happens.”

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