Audience cheers ‘Oprah for President’ during her SuperSoul event at UCLA

She did not, however, give away free tuition money to all audience members

BREAKING: Fire at Powell Library leaves study space closed for the night

Finals week in a nutshell

The UCs are proposing a cap on nonresident students for the first time in history

As if it wasn’t hard enough to get in

Muslim women were tying hijabs on BruinWalk to promote solidarity and awareness

There will be a discussion tonight to talk about our experiences

UCLA will not send athletes to any states deemed anti-LGBT

The travel ban is in accordance with a new California law

Blood found on first floor of Rieber Hall as it was evacuated after fire alarm

Students were barred from entering the dorms for nearly an hour last night

A gigantic storm is coming for LA, just in time to ruin your weekend plans

Brace yourselves for the rainpocalypse

Daily Bruin accused of publishing anti-Semitic cartoon

It was published on the first day of UCLA’s Palestine Awareness Week

Students are making UCLA memes using porn stills

As if the memes weren’t good enough already

Student organization uses gravestones to protest tuition rise

USAC campaigns to ‘fund the UC’

‘Deport Trump!’ Angelinos react on Inauguration Day

‘We said Bernie or bust. No Bernie? It’s time we bust.’

Union representing maintenance employees are striking in front of Bruin Plate

Apparently some services will be delayed today

There’s another radical preacher on Bruin Walk

‘Harambe died and you’re about to die if you don’t follow Jesus’

UCLA students protest after Trump election

They’re marching across campus chanting, ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

Trying to vote at Rieber Hall was a nightmare

‘Next time I’m voting by mail’

Two cops fired for mishandling gruesome UCLA murder case

‘UCLA tried really hard to keep it really low-key last year, so many students do not know about it’

There’s a radical preacher demonstrating on Bruin Walk

He told men watching to, ‘mark that woman, that’s not a woman you want to marry’