Someone literally tried to steal a box of De Neve chicken tenders

I mean, we’re obsessed with them too, but

It was a regular Monday night on The Hill, when freshman Chipper Daniels (a self-proclaimed "nugget enthusiast") headed down to De Neve Late Night to get a fix of some well-needed fried chicken. Around 11:50 P.M. on the 5th of February, he ordered the classic two-swipe, one-pound chicken tenders. Just as the kind dining staff put his box with the delicacy on the platform, a well-built man wearing a hat and a backpack quickly snatched it and bolted for the door.

While our "nugget enthusiast" thought it was some kind of prank, the dining staff swiftly alerted the manager about the robbery. When stopped and questioned by the manager, the robber was allegedly heard yelling "Michael, gimme my chicken!"

Having received a new box of his favorite late night snack, Daniels headed out and saw the thief being questioned by the police in front of the De Neve dining hall. He has yet to be identified.

An anonymous witness and a friend of Daniels' who was around the area sent Daniels the following text: "Just saw it. They put handcuffs on him. He was crying." The chicken thief was then escorted to the police station.

Safe to say, crime doesn't pay – especially when you try to steal some of those coveted nugs.