Just in case you were going to be a cat again for Halloween, here are some last minute UCLA-themed costumes

I s2g if I see a cat that’s not Powell Cat…

In case you've put off preparing for the most important part of the quarter by studying for midterms instead, The Tab has got you covered with some last minute UCLA-themed costumes.

Gene Block

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Channeling my inner ~Casual Gene~

This one is obvious. All you have to do is put on a nifty blazer and some nice slacks. Or better yet, you could dress as the classic ~Casual Gene~ by wearing a navy blue UCLA sweatshirt and toting a microphone-esque prop.

Lonzo Ball

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Big Ballers only, witches.

To achieve the look of one of the most iconic and exciting athletes in recent UCLA history, one can wear an old Lakers jersey, some athletic shorts, and long socks. If you want to look more like you're better at basketball than Steph Curry, be sure to wear some Big Baller clothing.

BPlate banana

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Via Connor Carr on UCLA's Memes for Sick AF Tweens page.

Whip out that old banana costume and adorn it with a beautiful sign saying "Only Take One."

Can I ask you a question? Guy

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"Scuse me sir, can I ask you a question?"

In order to achieve the proper look, one must dress in a slightly over-sized T-shirt, cargo pants, black tennis shoes, black sunglasses, and a baseball hat. To finish the look, carry a clip board and a pen and ask everyone you encounter if you can ask them a question.

Frat Boy

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Sah dude.

The beautiful thing about "Can I Ask You a Question" Guy is that the costume can double as a frat bro from any of your fave frats like SAE, TDX, or ZBT. Basically an outfit any hypebeast would wear will work wonders for you.

Your RA

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Scuse me, it's quiet hours.

What's scarier than being written up by your RA when you're getting litty for Halloween? Nothing. Dress up as your RA by finding a blue collared shirt (bonus points if you can get your hands on an authentic RA shirt), some generic bottoms, and a notebook so you can write those hooligans up.