An ode to Josh Rosen

You beautiful, loudmouthed champion

To know him is to respect him: Josh Rosen, quarterback for the UCLA Bruins, is a hero to us all. And for that, we are grateful.

Rosen first joined the Bruins in 2015, an eye-catching freshman who was destined to do great things from the start.

Then, Rosen stunned us all with his brutally honest comments about the life of a college athlete. It takes someone as woke af as him to spark such dialogue about how schools value their players against their education.

From this, Rosen has taught us never to be a cog in the system. Just because he is an incredibly talented and loyal Bruin doesn't mean that he can't tell the truth about struggling to balance school with sports.

At the start of this season, Rosen unsurprisingly led an unbelievable comeback against Texas A&M. In the last 30 minutes of the game, the Bruins scored 35 points to overcome a massive lead by the Aggies and emerge victorious.

Not only did this inspire dank memes, Rosen was also (to nobody's surprise) named College Football Athlete of the Week by CBS Sports. It's great to know that others recognize him as the hero this world needs, albeit not the one we deserve.

More and more Bruins are attending football games to cheer Rosen on as the unofficial mascot of UCLA (sorry, Joe). He has been equated to a god, if not only a future NFL legend, and continues to wow us with his football skillz, no-fucks attitude, and ability to grow facial hair.

From all of us at UCLA, thank you Josh Rosen. If there ever was a man, a myth, or a legend, you are it.