The 2018 Princeton Review rankings are in, and here’s where UCLA stands

Who knew we had such good health care

Each year, The Princeton Review ranks colleges nationwide on a variety of subjects, from biggest party schools to most beautiful campuses to best classroom experiences. In the 2018 publication, UCLA has been commended for a variety of achievements.

UCLA is listed as one of the top Green Colleges, which is no surprise if you’ve noticed our biodegradable take-out utensils and efforts to stop using trays in the dining halls. We’ve also announced the Grand Challenge in Environment and Sustainability, working with organizations like the Green Initiative Fund to decrease our environmental impact.

As for student benefits, UCLA is number 18 on the list of colleges with the Best Health Services. Between the easy-access Ashe Center and renowned Ronald Reagan Medical Center, Bruins are well cared for here. There are multiple options for health care such as UCSHIP and BruinCare, plus a variety of unique services offered such as STI testing and massage therapy.

Shout out to Ronald Reagan Medical Center for making me feel like you can save me after I stay awake for 30 hours and only eat De Neve Late Night during finals week.

Most notably, UCLA is listed as one of the Top 50 Colleges that Pay You Back at number 20 and one of the Colleges That Pay You Back w/0 Aid at number 12. This criteria pertains to the value for your money, which includes quality of academics and job availability upon graduation. Send this to your aunt next time she tries to tell you dance isn’t a “real major” worthy of pricey UC tuition.

Just ask Jerry Perenchio, one of five UCLA alumni that have become billionaires.

Above all, we are ranked as one of the Best 382 Colleges, specifically on the “Best Western” list, which names schools on the west coast for your consideration.  In fact, eight of the ten UC schools are featured on this list. West coast best coast, am I right?

UCLA students Jenny Sun, Sam Spotswood, and Chenchen Wang enjoying nearby Malibu.

It goes to show that Bruin Pride does not stop at amazing food, a beautiful campus, and an excitingly diverse student body. When put to the test, we’re taking more W’s than our rivals will ever see.

Go Bruins!