BPlate is the single best thing about UCLA and you know it

Don’t you dare @ me

It's a known fact that BPlate is one of the most hated dining halls. But how could you hate such a magical establishment? It's only one of the bougiest dining halls ever to exist (second only to Hedrick Study, of course), and one of the top rated dining halls in the nation.

Here's just a taste of why BPlate is the high point of UCLA:

First off, it is beautiful, and it is literally our safe space.

Okay, and even though the portions wouldn't make a bird full, the food has a certain je ne sais quoi about it.

It's a magical place where you can meet new and interesting people (especially while getting cauliflower)!!!

It is also a contender for being the Most Extra thing at UCLA (second only the Hedrick Study, of course…noble effort BPlate).

BPlate is honestly just so amazing. It is the paragon of class, the pinnacle of dining, and the love of our lives all rolled into one…

As you can see, BPlate is the best thing at UCLA besides Gene Block. I rest my case.