Just a list of UCLA memes that are so accurate it’s painful

Sad reacts only

Any true sick af college student knows that half of the college experience is actually just memes. The UCLA memes page in particular has gained immense popularity since its creation, known for its risque memes, chancellor-themed pranks, and various other shenanigans.

To celebrate the end of the quarter, where we will all inevitably be looking for ways to procrastinate, here is a list of the most legendary UCLA memes for every occasion.

(Featured photo / Alexander Wu)

When you’re questioning if you made the right decision

Photo / John Abughattas

When you think zero week is going to be easy

Photo / Arnav Barbaad

When you have to keep switching between UCLA_WIFI and UCLA_WEB

Photo / Alinna Martin

When you haven’t gone to class since Week 3

Photo / Anush Arvind

When your LS final isn’t even this hard

Photo / Allen Wu

When your friends on the semester system are home before you

Photo / William Choi

And they don’t understand why you’re so upset

Photo / Charlotte McGinn

When you can’t even afford a Spotify premium account

Photo / Matt Dunham

When the freshman are too thicc

Photo / Louisa Karakh

When you spot Gene at B Plate

Photo / David Bojorquez

When you really miss that 19P lifestyle

Photo / Ryan Peterman

When you take the north campus route to class

Photo / Alyssa Uslander

When you just really need to pick up your Amazon Prime order

Photo / Jairo Gutierrez

When your parents assume that college is as easy as high school and ask how it’s going

Photo / Arnav Barbaad

When you can’t even get a desk in the weird af blue room

Photo / Angela Li

When you’re a bitter south campus major

Photo / Arseni Yalouskikh

Like, really bitter

Photo / Nolan Rea

And try to justify your decisions and life and unhappiness in the strange hope that your suffering will have been worth it

Photo / Blake Bergstrom

When your friend didn’t get into UCLA

Photo / Derek Rosdahl

When you spot the enemy on campus

Photo / Mili Patel

When the Hollywood sign gets changed again

Photo / Arnav Barbaad

When Lonzo is life

Photo / Kymiah Charles

When your true friends come through

Photo / Dylan Ler

When not even the hot doggo can save you now

Photo / Jose Diaz de Leon

When you change your major to a BS in Memes

Photo / Nathan Ohkawahira

When someone asks what you like to do for fun

Photo / Eric Qu

When you can’t see clearly through your tears

Photo / Zihao Chen

When you realize you need to start seeking arrangements

Photo / Derek Lore

When you get an email addressed “To the Campus Community”

Photo / Dayoung Lee

When you win the lottery to meet Daddy Gene and you can’t resist

Photo / Jason Quintana

And finally, when the memes are straight savage

Photo / Saira Shahid